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If you're looking for a modest learning environment that thrives on making learning memorable, look no further than PMACC!

We put our students' learning needs first and offer bespoke tailoring of programmes to suit all our students requirements. So whether you are seeking an opportunity to complete your level 2 certifications, or to prepare for university by acquiring a level 3 qualification, we have just the selection of courses and programmes that will help you achieve your goals.  If Music is what drives you, we have just the level 2 or 3 options for you! Our teachers are knowledgeable in their respective subjects, with years of experience that reflects in their delivery and keenness to support you in being very best that you can be. We look forward to welcoming you onto our next cohort of valuable students. 

PMA - Because You Can!

GCSE classes

Meet Shaniqua.

Shaniqua, a skilled student,needed an environment that was able to tailor bespoke arrangements for her to be most productive in her learning of GCSEs. On attending PMACC, Shaniqua developed an avid interest in GCSE Human Health and Physiology and her progression has since skyrocketed.

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Level 3 classes

Meet Million.

Million was able to successfully complete his studies and use his portfolio to proceed to University, from where he acquired his Music Technology degree and has since graduated. After graduation, he returned to Ethiopia to give back to students like himself as a fully qualified Sound Engineering Tutor.

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Vocational Classes

Meet James.

James was keen to learn become,more active during his learning and fancied something very  practical. When he discovered our MMA class of Mongoose Thai Kickboxing, he quickly joined. He now making good progress through his gradings with expert support from Sensei Elijah.

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Quality Learning Program

All our programs are accredited and approved. Our vocational programmes are additionally run by qualified experts who teach with the added quality assurance of gradings and certifications for students. 

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Special Care

PMACC appreciates that students learn differently and provides specialist care and support to meet students needs. We encourage students to contact us to discuss their specific requirements.

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We are proud of our learning community and our commitment to a strong set of values that students of all cohorts and disciplines, honor and promote to continue a "can-do" culture at PMACC.

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Parents Feedback

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My son Shem finished studies at PMACC in 2011, but he still speaks highly of you today. He tells me how he learnt so much from PMA that he achieved things that he never thought he could achieve.

Ms L.

Director of High Fives, Apple

I want to take a moment to thank all of the teaching team for everything you did to help my daughter with her Adult Learning. She wanted so much to improve her literacy. The support and opportunity PMA gave really paid off. She is so happy with that certificate!

Mrs H.

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

PMA came at just the right time for my boys. I am pleased that they both achieved a Level 3 qualification in music because they live and breathe it. Next Stop, Uni! Proud of my boys! Thanks PMACC!


Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor